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Study/Discussion Questions on The Guide by R.K Narayan

1.Bring out the typical Indian scenes and situations in R.K Narayan’s The Guide.

2. How does  Narayan deal with the theme of love and sex in the novel?

3. Write a note on the theme of family relationships in The Guide.

4. What is the significance of  the title,  The Guide?
5. Write a note on R.K Narayan’s art of characterization with a particular reference to The Guide.

6. Examine  Narayan’s  conception of the hero, with reference to The Guide.

7. Write a note on Narayan’sntreatment of female character.

8. Comment on the simplicity  and clearity of Narayan’s style.

9. Write a note on the use of humour, wit, irony and satire in The Guide.

10. Discuss, with special reference to The Guide, “Narayan’s major novels are serious comedies.

11.  Discuss the structure and plot of The Guide.

12. Discuss the  use of parallelism in The Guide.

13. Discuss the  use of double-narration in The Guide.

14. To achieve his aim R.K Narayan uses symbols effectively. Explain it with reference to The Guide.

15. Raju is neither passive nor an agent. He acts and is acted upon. Explain.

16. “Raju is neither totally good nor bad.” Substantiate.

17. Elaborate “ Raju is a complex and tragic figure, the most interesting and moving of Narayan’s heroes.

18. Bring out the lapses of Raju which caused his downfall and comment on them.

19. Elaborate the factors that created a rift between Raju and Rosie.

20. Substantiate, “ It is the fundamental unity of Indian society which enables Velan and Raju to communicate with each other so easily”.

21.  To what extent is it valid to say that Raju’s decision to observe the fast earnestly is the triumph of Velan.

22. “ He presented my case as a sort of comedy in three acts, in which the chief villain was Macro.” Elaborate and comment. 

23. Bring out the picaresque element in The Guide.

24. Discuss Narayan’s characterization of minor characters in The Guide.