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Study/Discussion Questions on W.B.Yeats

1. Trace the evolution of Yeats’ poetic genius,clearly bringing out that the growth is continuous and sustained.

2. Show that Yeats’  later poetry, “is the result of continuous development and shows the final consummation of the poet's early endeavors.”

3.Yeats  began as a late Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite with the additional advantage of contact with the Irish mythological tradition and folk-culture”. Justify.

4. What is symbolism? Give an estimate of Yeats as a symbolist.

5. Estimate the influence of the French symbolist movement on Yeats.

6.”The chief feature of Yeats’ middle poetry is the reconcilement of opposites.” Discuss with suitable illustrations.

7.  Write an essay on the style and versification of W.B. Yeats on the basis of his early poetry.

8. Bring out the salient feature of the style and versification of the poetry of Yeats’ middle period.

9.Write a note on Yeats as a writer of ballads.

10.” Yeats’ poetry is rooted in the English tradition”.  “Yeats’ is a great national poet of Ireland.”  Reconcile the two statement.

11. Analyze some of the love-lyrics of Yeats and bring out his greatness as a love-poet.

12. What are the distinguishing features of the lyrics of Yeats? Illustrate your answer from the lyrics you have read.

13.Write a note on the merits and demerits of Yeats as a poet. What is his contribution?

14.”Sailing to Byzantium” is one of the richest poems in the English language.” Elucidate.